WAPCo on Monday September 18, 2023 met a cross-section of Accra-based journalists at its headquarters in Accra. The media engagement is line with WAPCo’s commitment to promote understanding of our operations while building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with our diverse stakeholders.

WAPCo’s General Manager Corporate Affairs, Dr. Isaac Doku, said WAPCo was birthed from an ECOWAS need to promote development by making available natural gas which is in abundance in Nigeria to other West African countries that needed power for national development. Thirty years on, the ECOWAS vision to make energy, which was critical to any region’s development, available across West Africa is not lost on WAPCo. WAPCo is mindful of its role in ensuring that natural gas, a critical resource for power generation, is readily available for power generation in the countries that rely on the WAGP system. Hence WAPCo does not compromise on ensuring that its assets are regularly maintained and on safety in its operations.

He said WAGP has a capacity of 465MMscf/d and even after the reserved capacity is considered, WAGP still has the capacity to transport more gas based on agreements between shippers and off takers. WAPCo’s ability to transport gas from the western part of Ghana following the successful completion of the Takoradi phase of the Takoradi to Tema Interconnection Project (TTIP) and the tie-in to the Ghana Gas transmission system, has further improved the volumes of gas that the WAGP transports.

Deputy External Relations Manager, William Osei Owusu said WAPCo since its inception engaged the various host communities and through a participatory needs assessment identified high impact projects in areas such as education, capacity building, health and water and sanitation. Seven years afterwards, in 2012, the company in consultation with the communities identified education and skills training as priority areas for WAPCo’s support.

WAPCo launched its scholarship program and the Community Youth Enterprise scheme to support students from vulnerable homes to achieve their dreams and aspirations. In addition to these programs, the company has over the past ten years has collaborated with health professions of the Korle Bu Eye Clinic to undertake annual eye care services which includes treatment of eye disease and provision of lenses and frames. WAPCo has since inception invested over thirty million Ghana Cedis to fund these programs in Ghana.