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Corporate Responsibility

WAPCo is committed to making a socio-economic impact in our host communities. We conduct our business in a socially responsible manner. We conduct our operations in an environmentally sustainable manner. WAPCo engages in corporate social investments through partnership with host communities and provides community development projects, and livelihood programmes.


WAPCo’s Community engagement within our areas of operation is to establish proactive partnerships that foster healthy and long-term relationships.

Host Communities

WAPCo’s host communities are defined as those located within a two-kilometer radius of our on-shore facilities. We have a total of 54 host communities. We have 7 communities in Ghana, 1 in Togo, 13 in Benin and 33 in Nigeria.

Community Development Program

In 2006, WAPCo rolled out its Community Development Programme to promote development in host communities. The programme focused on identifying critical needs and high yielding community investment strategies to meet the infrastructural gaps in the communities.

Community Health Outreach

WAPCo collaborates with health institutions and health professionals to provide free general health screening to residents in host communities.

Livelihood Programme

WAPCo in 2012 introduced its Livelihood Program for host communities. This was based on the outcome of a study to assess the needs of the community. The programme has two components; a Scholarship Scheme and a Community Youth Enterprise Scheme.

Community Youth Enterprise Scheme

WAPCo’s Community Youth Enterprise Scheme provides young persons in their host communities the opportunity to learn a trade of their choice in recognized vocational and technical institutions in Ghana.

Scholarship Scheme

The scholarship scheme supports, brilliant but needy students within our host communities to pursue an education at various levels.