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Doing Business With Us

Doing Business With Us

WAPCo works to build and maintain strong relationships through trust and efficency with our shippers, suppliers and vendors. We aim at creating shared value for all our shippers, suppliers and vendors who meet our requirements at a cost-effective and efficient manner consistent with our business principles and our Health, Safety, Security and Environment requirements.

Open Access System

WAPCo operates an Open access system. This provides a multiple shippers to use the WAGP. We currently have 8 shippers including the original shipper, NGas using the WAGP in Ghana Togo Benin and Nigeria. Shippers are admitted upon meeting the required criteria.

Become a Vendor

Suppliers and Contractors who are interested in supplying equipment, materials and/or services to WAPCo may complete this form.
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Become a Shipper

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    Benefits of Using Our Pipeline

    Economic Development
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    Regional Integration
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    Conserving the Environment
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    Gas Management System

    Pipeline Transporter

    Transaction Manager

    Gas Quality