The West African Gas Pipeline Company Limited (WAPCo) has held interactive virtual sessions with vendors in Ghana and Nigeria.. These meetings were to explain WAPCo’s contract and procurement processes to existing and potential vendors who are registered with the Company. It was also to offer WAPCo the opportunity to listen to the vendors and answer their questions on the Company’s contract and procurement management system.

WAPCo’s Vendor Forum is an annual in-person event held in each of its four operating countries; Ghana, Togo, Benin and Nigeria. However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, WAPCo for the first time, held virtual fora for the two English speaking countries, which account for the bulk of its registered vendors.

These virtual fora allowed WAPCo’s senior management team, managers and others WAPCo key persons to explain to partners and future partners, the company’s activities, procedures and the various business opportunities that the operation of West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP) offers to companies in Ghana and Nigeria.

WAPCo’s Contracts, Procurement and Materials Manager, Jeffrey Asare, said it is important that companies that already work with WAPCo understand its procedures. For new companies which want to do business with WAPCo, this opportunity allows them to become better informed about the terms, conditions, and requirements of WAPCo, especially in terms of employee health safety and environmental issues.

WAPCo places a high priority on health, safety, and respect for the environment. Any company that wants to do business with WAPCo must be ready to comply with the company’s stringent health and safety standards as well as abide by its business principles that is anchored on upholding ethical behaviours.
Topics presented to participants included WAPCo’s vendor registration process, WAPCo bidding process, conflict of interest and anti-bribery procedures, WAPCo’s terms and conditions, work completion and hand over processes, security and access to WAPCo facilities and conditions and the terms of payment for services executed.

Participants sought clarification on the company’s ethics and integrity rules, procurement procedures, vendor registration and bidding processes. WAPCo General Manager, Operations, Saminu Jibrin thanked participants for attending and sharing their positive observations on WAPCo’s performance. He said despite WAPCo’s successes there is always room for improvement and the company would work towards that.