The West African Gas Pipeline Company Ltd (WAPCo) is in the process of expanding its regulating and metering facility in Tema, Ghana,
 to deliver higher volumes of gas to the Volta River Authority (VRA) for power generation.
 The expansion project involves upgrading the existing metering system from 70mmscfd to 140mmscfd and forms part of measures aimed at positioning the WAGP to meet changes in Ghana’s energy market.
Key facts
        Location: Tema, off the Aflao road, Ghana
        Partners: WAPCo and VRA
        Metering capacity on completion: 140mmscfd
Project development
The Tema expansion project is being strategically executed in phases:
Phase1: Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) assisted turnaround inspection of the two WB-Heaters in Tema.
Phase2: Detailed engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning of additional 70 mmscfd metering skid, metering controls, accessories (Gas Chromatograph) and instrumentation as an integrated unit.
Phase 1 was safely completed in June 2016 as scheduled and without any incident.The contract for Phase 2 has been awarded with an expected completion date of December 2017.
Environment and society
The project will make possible the delivery of additional gas volumes to help meet growing local energy demand. This will limit CO² emissions by producing electricity from a cheaper, more environmentally-friendly energy source.