“The gas pressure is excellent for our turbine” says the head of Maria Gleta’s thermal power plant in Benin
As part of its annual Site inspection visit,
 two representatives of West African Gas Pipeline Authority (WAGPA) on March 22, 2018, paid a working visit to Benin Electric Community (CEB).
The two representatives of WAGPA, Mr. Kpedassou Kodjo and Mr. Ousmane Souley Dosso held discussions with Mr. Euloge Assogba, Head of the Maria Gleta Station regarding the pressure of gas transported through the West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP).
“The pressure we are getting from WAPCo currently is very excellent, said Mr Euloge Assogba“. He acknowledged WAPCo’s technical effort to transport the required volume of gas and pledged to review the gas turbine maintenance planning to ensure regular use of gas for power generation.
After a visit of the site, the WAGPA delegation congratulated the staff of the CEB for the warm reception and their good partnership with WAPCo.