The Glo-Djigbe Industrial Free Zone (GDIZ), a newly developing industrial zone in Benin, is an opportunity to demonstrate the West African Gas Pipeline’s (WAGP) availability and reliability to support business growth in West Africa, says Michelle Burkett WAPCo’s Managing Director.

Ms. Burkett during a recent visit to the GIDZ, expressed WAPCo’s interest and readiness to work with the operators of the newly developing industrial zone to provide the natural gas required for industries within the zone.

Mr. Milind Dakhole, Manager in charge of Business Development of the Arise Group, said the zone would require a significant volume of natural gas to produce electricity for the heavy industries within the zone.

Ms. Burkett said WAPCo continues to adapt the WAGP in response to growing needs of the WAGP countries and will undertake the critical measures required to upgrade its pipeline transmission system to meet the needs of the industrial zone.

The West African Gas Pipeline was birthed from an Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) vision to have a natural gas pipeline across West Africa as a key regional economic goal.

The WAPCo team included the General Manager, Corporate Affairs, Dr. Isaac Doku; the General Manager Operation, Mr. Auwal Ibrahim and the General Counsel, Mr. Odey Adamade.