The West African Gas Pipeline Company (WAPCo), operator of the West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP) system, wishes to reiterate its role as a gas transporter and not a gas producer.

WAPCo operates the WAGP and transports natural gas to sub-regional customers based on a Gas Transportation Agreement executed with N-Gas Company, a commercial company which also has a Gas Purchase contract with producers in Nigeria and a Gas Sales contract with buyers in the sub-region.  N-Gas is appropriately positioned to address gas supply issues in the sub-region.

The WAGP current capacity is 170 mmcfd. With additional compression, the capacity of the pipeline can be expanded to 474 mmscfd.  Reserve capacity contracted is 134 mmcfd.

Following recent reports of a decrease in gas deliveries from Nigeria through WAGP to Ghana’s Volta River Authority, WAPCo has received several enquiries from the media on gas supply availability.

Gas supply into the Sub-region (Benin, Togo and Ghana) should be directed to the shipper, N-Gas.