The West African Gas Pipeline Company Limited (WAPCo), has installed fire protection systems in its facilities in Nigeria and Cotonou.

The WAGP Project, which built the pipeline and all WAPCo facilities, was completed and commissioned in 2011 with one fire water installation, located at the Lagos Beach Compressor Station (LBCS).

Since the completion of the WAGP project, WAPCo has expanded its facilities, witnessed an increase in the population and third-party activities within the location of these facilities.

These developments have precipitated the need to equip all our facilities with fire water protection systems to prevent losses from fire and its attendant effects on people, assets, the environment, and the economy of the states that rely on WAGP for cleaner fuel for power generation.

In a phased approach, fire protection systems for all facilities under our eastern operations, which covers Nigeria and Benin have been completed. WAPCo is on course to complete those for our western operations facilities, in Togo and Ghana. These projects have reached advanced stages, with engineering completed and the skid packages being constructed. Mobilization for construction and installation is set to commence this month.