The West African Gas Company Pipeline Ltd (WAPCo) in collaboration with the local councils responsible for its host communities in Togo and Benin organized cultural festivals in each country to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of these communities.

The celebrations were also to strengthen the already cordial relationship between WAPCo and its host communities within the two countries.

Both events were well patronised, with over 500 persons participating in each of the events in the two countries. At the end of each event, awards were presented to the winners of each of the categories.


The Benin event, held at Akadjamey on the 13th of December 2014, was attended by identifiable groups from Akadjamey, Vinawa, Akouehonou, Bazounkpa and Kinwedji communities in Cotonou.

Trophies for winners


Agbadja dance competition


Tchincoumin dance competition

The activities included Musical competition among Women Cultural groups (Gogohoun dance, Gbehoun dance), Musical competition among youth cultural groups (Atchahoun dance, Akonhoun dance), Masqueraders’ competition (Marionette, Zangbeto), and other sports competitions including Sack Race.

The Togo event, held in Lome on the 18th of December 2014, brought together identifiable groups from the Gbetsogbe, N’Dokope and Baguida communities.


Winners of the Agbadja dance competition

In addition to other sporting activities such as tug-of-war, sack and spoon races, there were various traditional dance competitions, including Agbadja.