The recently held West African Gas Stakeholders’ Engagement Forum (WAGSEF) has garnered support for the development of the sub region gas market which organisers of the meeting are ready to build upon.

The forum was jointly organized by the World Bank and the West African Gas Pipeline Company (WAPCo), in collaboration with ECOWAS, the West African Gas Pipeline Authority (WAGPA) and the Volta River Authority.

As follow up to the forum, the organisers have set up the West African Gas Market Development Committee (WAGMDC), which is primarily made up of representatives of World Bank, WAPCo, ECOWAS and WAGPA. This committee will facilitate meetings amongst buyers and sellers of gas, determine market requirements and through advocacy gain sub regional government support to foster  gas market development strategies .

The organizers believe that it will be beneficial for  the committee to engage with the existing Committee of Ministers of the sub-region, for guidance and support in the process of executing gas market development strategies.

The WAGMDC will meet on a regular basis to review in detail, the outcome of the forum and to set up various Ad Hoc committees to commence work on gaps and matters arising from the forum. The organizers are determined that WAGSEF does not go down in history as another talking shop.