Ghana, Accra, (July 18, 2013) – The West African Gas Pipeline Company (WAPCo), operator of the West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP) is pleased to announce the resumption of gas transportation services in the West African sub-region. WAPCo shut down the pipeline in August last year after the line was severed by a ship’s anchor in Togolese waters.

The WAGP has now been repaired, recommissioned and back in operation. The Force Majeure notice earlier issued in the wake of the pipeline incident, August 28, 2012 was formally lifted on 11th July 2013 and WAPCo resumed gas transportation on July 12th, 2013.

Meanwhile, the company is pursuing measures to forestall a re-occurrence of the pipeline breach incident. Accordingly, WAPCo recently held a workshop with external subject matter experts who reviewed and recommended broad strategies on improving the effectiveness of the Pipeline Protection Zone, PPZ, established by the governments of Benin, Ghana, Nigeria and Togo. As a follow up to this workshop and to get commitment of other stakeholders, WAPCo plans to hold a sub-regional conference later in the year.

WAPCo continues to work in collaboration with the maritime authorities and the security agencies in the four counties to protect the pipeline from third party damage.

WAPCo transports natural gas from Nigeria to the VRA in Ghana, CEB in Togo and CEB in Benin, based on Gas transportation agreements between these entities and the shipper, (N-Gas).

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