December 2018

Completion of the Tema expansion from 70mmscfd capacity to 140 mmscfd capacity

May 2018

WAPCo and ENI sign the Construction Management Agreement for the Tema-Takoradi inter-connection project.

February 2018

Site construction works begins at Takoradi Regulating & Metering station, of Tema - Takoradi inter-connection project

June 2017

Axeela Limited is registered as a shipper on WAGP

January 2017

Project engineering began on Tema - Takoradi interconnection

April 2016

Ghana National Gas is registered as a shipper

December 2015

Gasol Plc registered as a shipper

January 1 2015

Nigeria Gas Company (NGC) Ltd registered as a shipper

July 1 2012

Pipeline now open to all shippers

March 2011

Commercial Operation Dated declared

February 2011

Compressed gas transport on WAPG fot the first time

January 2011

First natural gas delivered through WAPG for the first time

December 2010

WAPCo Starts full commissioning of WAPG system

August 2010

Volta River Authority recives gas at Tema R&M for the first time'

April 2009

Ghana's Volta River Authority generates electricity with natural gas from WAGP

December 2008
First natural gas supply through WAGP arrives in Ghana

October 2008
Hand over of the first of Year One Community Development Project in Togo

August 2008
WAPCo makes 8 million man-hours without a lost time injury

April 2008
Commissioning of onshore and offshore pipeline begins with the opening of valves at Itoki inlet

January 2008
WAPCo makes 7 million man-hours without lost time injury

December 2007
Regulating and Metering (R&M) Station in Takoradi ready to receive uncompressed natural gas

November 2007
Offshore pipeline ready for commissioning

September 2007
Onshore civil construction in Benin begins

August 2007
Onshore civil construction in Togo starts

May 2007
WAPCo makes 5 million man hours without lost time injury

April 2007
Completion of the first of Year One Community Development Project in Benin

March 2007
First batch of completed Community Development Projects in Ghana and Nigeria commissioned

August 2006
WAPCo makes 2 million man hours without a lost time injury

August 2006
Construction of WAPCo's Community Development Projects begins

April 2006
Construction of compressor station in Nigeria commences

March 2006
Onshore civil construction begins in Nigeria and Ghana

August 2005
Offshore construction of West Africa Gas Pipeline commences

April 2005
The 4 States give WAPCo Pipeline License to construct pipeline

March-April 2005
Environmental Authorities in Benin, Ghana and Togo grant final EIA Permits

December 2004
Benin, Ghana, Nigeria and Togo pass enabling legislation to establish common framework for the company's operation across four countries; Shareholders take Final Investment Decision (FID)

November 2004
Nigeria Federal Ministry of Environmental issue EIA Permit/Certificate; Benin, Ghana and Togo grant provisional EIA approvals

October 2004
Ratification of WAGP Treaty by the 4 Project countries

January 2004
Final Draft of WAGP Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report submitted to all States, World Bank, OPIC and MIGA

December 2003
Public Notification, Display and Technical Workshops on the WAGP Front End Engineering Design (FEED) Package and Land Acquisition Process in Ghana, Togo and Benin

November 2003
Sensitization Seminar on WAGP, WAGP Treaty, IPA and Enabling Legislation for Joint Parliamentary Committees in Togo

September 2003
Sensitization Seminar on WAGP, WAGP Treaty, IPA and Enabling Legislation for Joint Parliamentary Committees of Benin

May 2003
Signing of International Project Agreement (IPA) by WAPCo and the Government of Benin, Ghana, Nigeria and Togo with ECOWAS Secretariat as Witness

May 2003
Formation of WAPCo to build, own and operate WAGP

April 2003
Conceptual Design Package of Pipeline submitted to the states. (First deliverable in the Pipeline Development plan approval process)

March 2003
Preliminary Draft Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study Report submitted to States, Communities, local authorities, institutional stakeholders and selected key  NGOs.

January 2003
Benin, Ghana, Nigeria and Togo sign West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP) Treaty

August 2002
Preliminary Commercial Structure established, including Volta River Authority's Takoradi Power Plant as foundation customer

The four Nations sign Intergovernmental Agreement for Harmonized Fiscal and Regulatory Regime for the Development, Construction and Operation of the Pipeline

Leaders of Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and Benin sign Agreement for the Development of the West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP) based on Private Investment and Commercial Principles

World Bank Study confirm viability of a Natural Gas Pipeline based on ample reserves of Nigeria Natural Gas, and Regional Energy Needs

Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) propose a Natural Gas Pipeline across West Africa as a key Regional Economic Goal