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 Key Milestones
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December 2007
Regulating and Metering (R&M) Station in Takoradi ready to receive uncompressed natural gas

November 2007
Offshore pipeline ready for commissioning

September 2007
Onshore civil construction in Benin begins

August 2007
Onshore civil construction in Togo starts

May 2007
WAPCo makes 5 million man hours without lost time injury

April 2007
Completion of the first of Year One Community Development Project in Benin

March 2007
First batch of completed Community Development Projects in Ghana and Nigeria commissioned

Key Milestones

April 2009
Ghana's Volta River Authority generates electricity with natural gas from WAGP
December 2008
First natural gas supply through WAGP arrives in Ghana
October 2008
Hand over of the first of Year One CDP in Togo
August 2008
WAPCo makes 8 million man-hours without a lost time injury
April 2008
Commissioning of onshore and offshore pipeline begins with the opening of valves at Itoki inlet

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