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Scam Alert

The West African Gas Pipeline Company (WAPCo)  would like to alert the public about incidents of fraudulent schemes and investment scams that misrepresents the West African Gas Pipeline Project Let it be known that WAPCo is  the only entity authorised by the relevant West African States to construct a gas transmission pipeline system from Nigeria to Ghana. Any claim by another entity not affiliated to WAPCo, to undertaking similar pipeline construction project is false and fraudulent and should not be relied upon.

WAPCo being an internationally renowned organisation, is prone to misrepresentations by investment scammers seeking to swindle unsuspecting persons. We therefore advise the public to always crosscheck with WAPCo any information purporting to emanate from WAPCo or that relates to the West African Gas Pipeline Project before such information is acted upon. This includes in particular information about contract award by WAPCo. WAPCo can be contacted through the address given below.

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