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WAPCo holds town hall meeting in Awake community in Benin

The West African Gas Pipeline Company Limited (WAPCo), operator of the West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP) has held a town hall meeting with a cross-section of community members in the Awake community in Benin. The meeting held on Saturday 13th July, 2019 brought together over 150 persons representing various community bodies, including traditional leaders, non-governmental associations, women groups, and youth associations from Maria Gleta and Awake.

An_elder_of_the_community_making_a_point.jpg        An elder of the community speaking at the meeting

The town hall meeting is part of a series of community engagements, which WAPCo undertakes to dialogue with members of host communities to ensure peaceful coexistence between the company and host communities.

Awake, is one of the 13 communities through which the West African Gas Pipeline passes in Benin. The rest are Ahouangabe, Hyo, Adjaxedji, Vinawa, Akadjame, Bazounkpa, Cococodji, Akouehonou, Sodo, Maria Gleta and Zoketome.

This meeting, among others, provided a platform for community members to directly interact with WAPCo’s External Relations team members and discuss pertinent issues relating to their community and WAPCo’s operations.

A_cross_section_of_the_participants.jpg          A cross-section of the participants

On behalf of the local authority, Dah Danhouegnon, Chief of Awake village, acknowledged WAPCo’s support for the community in the area of health, sanitation, education and vocational training and asked for the provision of many other amenities and infrastructure.

Dah Danhouegnon on behalf of the community thanked WAPCo for organizing the event. He said the interactions were very useful and assured WAPCo of the community leadership’s readiness to share the outcome of the deliberations with the wider community.