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WAPCo ready to deliver gas to customers in Togo and Benin

The West African Gas Pipeline has chalked another milestone with the commissioning of its compressors and is now ready to deliver compressed gas to its customers in Togo and Benin.

“I am excited to report that we have completed the project and declared our intention to begin commercial operations,” says Charles Adeniji, WAPCo’s Managing Director.

WAPCo’s Regulating & Metering(R&M) station in Takoradi had been delivering gas under free flow operations since April 2009 and in Tema since August 2010. Today these facilities are delivering compressed gas to our major customer in Ghana.

The company’s R& M facilities in Togo and Benin are also ready to deliver compressed gas to our major customers whenever they are ready to receive gas.

“I feel very much happy that WAGP Project came to an end successfully. It has been a tortuous journey… with so many schedule slippages; so many challenges;  but in the end, we made it,” says Bartholomew Nwagboso, Project Manager.

“Our success story will be complete when we are able to run the pipeline at its full capacity. Given the opportunities we have today, we can only run the pipeline at less than one third of its capacity” says Adeniji.

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) conceived the vision of the West African Gas Pipeline in 1982, as a vehicle to promote regional integration and economic development in the sub region. “We believe that with the Spirit of the WAGP treaty that created the pipeline, all stakeholders can come together again to determine the gaps and forge a plan that will enable us run the pipeline at its full capacity within the next 5years, says Adeniji.

WAGP system has a capacity to transport 474MMscfd of gas and under the initial agreement is scheduled to transport 132MMscfd.