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WAPCo commences gas delivery to Tema

The West African Gas Pipeline Company today opened the valve at its Tema Regulating & Metering station to commence deliveries of gas to the Volta River Authority, for their further deliveries to the Sunon-Asogli power plant.  “I was very proud to open the valve myself, along with our O&M Superintendent-West,” says WAPCo Managing Director Jack Derickson.

Over the next 3 to 6 weeks, the gas-fired generators at Sunon-Asogli, as well as the VRA-operated plants, will be going through their commissioning procedures. 

The West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP) resumed gas flow from the Nigeria gas producers early this year and on March 25th, VRA commenced firing one of the Aboadze turbines on gas.  The volume of gas flowing is approximately 30 million standard cubic feet per day, which is enough to generate 110 megawatts.


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