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West African Gas Pipeline resumes gas flow

On March 20th, the West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP) resumed gas flow from the Nigeria gas producers.  On Thursday, March 25th, VRA commenced firing one of the Aboadze turbines on gas.  The volume of gas flowing is approximately 30 million standard cubic feet per day, which is enough to generate 110 megawatts.

Similar volumes were flowing in April and May of last year until flow was suspended due to vandalism of supply lines upstream of the WAGP interconnection point in Nigeria.  The resulting gas supply crisis in Nigeria also had a major impact on WAGP. The pipeline was able to transport small volumes intermittently in order to supply enough gas for VRA to commission their second turbine. The main supply lines have now been repaired and the gas supply crisis has eased.

 “We’re very pleased to be back in business again” stated Managing Director, Jack Derickson. “It’s frustrating to have a pipeline system sitting idle while waiting for gas supply issues to be resolved.”

The next phase of the project is nearing completion.  Pre-commissioning activities are ongoing at the huge Lagos Beach Compressor Station (LBCS) in Nigeria, as well as the other Regulating & Metering Stations near Tema, Lome and Cotonou.  

Pre-commissioning involves checking/testing the various equipment to ensure everything is in proper working order before introducing gas.  Once pre-commissioning is completed, the sites are deemed to be mechanically complete and ready for commissioning.  The commissioning process itself is estimated to take two months.

WAPCo is scheduled to be in the position to deliver compressed gas to all customers in the three countries this summer. According to Derickson, “It’s exciting to be this close to the end of construction after all the challenges we have had to overcome”.

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