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Health, Environment & Safety


WAPCo places the highest priority on the health and safety of our workforce and protection of our assets and the environment. The Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS) translates this priority into world-class performance, providing WAPCo with a competitive advantage and driving business results.

The OEMS is a comprehensive, proven means for systematic management of process safety, personal safety & health, the environment, reliability and efficiency. Through disciplined application of the OEMS, we integrate OE processes, standards, procedures and behaviors into our daily operations.

The OEMS helps us identify and manage the risks we encounter in our business operations. The system is effective because it requires leader-driven assessment of strengths and gaps, completion of risk-reducing actions, regular review of progress and continual improvement.

While leaders are responsible for managing the OEMS and enabling OE performance, every individual in WAPCo’s workforce is accountable for complying with our Tenets and principle of Operations.

In WAPCo, we always use proven processes to recognize hazards and provide appropriate mitigations to reduce them to As Low As Practicable (ALARP) in our operations, follow required practices and procedures and appropriately manage workplace changes. If necessary, every member of our workforce and contractor staff is authorized to exercise Stop-Work Authority. Our driving goal is to ensure that we perform every task, the right way, every time.

WAPCo management is committed to meeting our Operational Excellence (OE) Objectives, and enjoins every member of our workforce to work safely, protect the environment, and operate reliably and efficiently as we transport gas required for economic growth and human progress in the West African sub-region.