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WAPCo’s Community Relations policy within its areas of operation is aimed at establishing proactive partnerships that will foster healthy, long term relationship with host communities.

 WAPCo’s objectives for this partnership are: 

  • To cultivate and sustain, trusting and harmonious relationships as well as mutually beneficial social partnership with local communities.
  • To foster good neighbourliness and ensure community goodwill and support for successful project implementation and operations.
  • To maintain open , honest and constructive dialogue with all Stakeholder Groups and  facilitate actions to manage their legitimate concerns and issues
  • To implement a sustainable Community Development Programme that will have positive impact on the living standards of people in the project affected communities.

In furtherance of these objectives, WAPCo in partnership with host communities, through a Participatory Needs Assessment study, identified “high impact” programmes that address basic needs and economic development in these communities.