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I can smile again because of WAPCo

Igor Kindoho is a young man whose dream has become a reality thanks to the West African Gas Pipeline Company.

Born into a polygamous family with only his mother to take care of him, life was really tough for Igor. At the age of 20, Igor had to drop out of school due to lack of funds and support. With no qualification and no alternative avenue, he was left struggling to survive for three years.


Today, thanks to WAPCo, his dream of becoming a hospitality and catering service provider has come true. This is because he was awarded a scholarship by WAPCo to train in catering and hospitality management.


Igor at a kitchen


On December 3rd, 2016, Igor completed the three-year course to become a hospitality specialist. “I remember the dark days of my life when I would go to sleep on an empty stomach. I am very happy my dreams are now a reality. WAPCo gave me the opportunity to better my life”, an emotional Igor said at the graduation ceremony.


Igor Kindoho- a beneficiary of WAPCo Scholarship award


Igor's Certificate and Testimonial


An excited Igor Kindoho with family