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WAPCo reinforces its fire safety measures



WAPCo Senior Management Team (SMT) commissioning the new firewater system at Itoki

The Management of WAPCo has commissioned a new firewater system installed at the company’s Receiving Station in Itoki, Nigeria. The System, which was commissioned on May 8, 2017, provides an additional means of controlling fire outbreaks in the event of failure of existing safeguards, such as the fire and gas detection system, process control and safety shutdown system.

The installed components of the firewater system at Itoki include a firewater storage, firewater pumps and a distribution piping network along with hydrants and monitors.

Hydrocarbon handling facilities like the Itoki Natural Gas Receiving Station are not without inherent potentially disastrous hazards, including fire hazard. They therefore require adequate protection systems to contain or mitigate such hazards, hence the addition by WAPCo of yet another layer of protection.

Partial view of the firewater skid
SMT inspecting the new facility

Impact on Environment and Society
The system will ensure protection of life and property at the station and the surrounding community. It will prevent further spread of fire, which otherwise could have spill-over effects on the environment.


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