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Vendor Forum: WAPCo to interact with vendors in Ghana
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The West African Gas Pipeline Company Ltd (WAPCo) is feverishly preparing to host its 2nd Vendor Forum in Ghana. The event was instituted two years ago in response to a need for WAPCo vendors to be exposed to the WAPCo way of doing things, including its Contracting and Procurement processes, its policies on bribery and corruption, its payment processes as well as other relevant processes. This year’s forum is of great significance as it comes on the back of WAPCo’s flagship Operational Excellence (OE) programme for Third-party Services, which focuses on Contractor safety development and awareness.

Key facts
Date: April 28, 2017
Venue: Alisa Hotel in Accra
Participants: WAPCo and its registered and potential vendors in Ghana

The event is intended as a platform for WAPCo to interact with its stakeholders, mainly suppliers and contractors through knowledge sharing and feedback from each other.

Focus Areas

Discussions this year will center, among other things, on WAPCo Health, Environment and Safety expectations, Payment Terms and Conditions, Bidding and Bid Evaluation process and Vendor Pre-qualification process. WAPCo shall also showcase some of its success stories in its supply chain.


A cross-section of participants at last year’s Vendor Forum in Benin




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